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A Quick Guide to Reducing Cart Abandonment on Your e-Commerce Store

A Quick Guide to Reducing Cart Abandonment on Your e-Commerce Store

Shopping in-store and shopping online are two completely different ball games. You wouldn’t go to the supermarket, fill up your trolley, get distracted by a video or advert and then walk out of the shop, leaving your full trolley behind.

However, this is the harsh reality for e-commerce stores where customers more often than not will abandon their shopping cart before the transaction due to online distractions.

According to Listrak, the average cart abandonment rate is 81% and, although this can’t be avoided completely, there certainly are plenty of ways in which you can reduce the level of cart abandonment in your e-commerce store.

Have guest checkout options

One of the biggest causes of cart abandonment is when users have to create an account to make a transaction. The e-commerce shopping experience should be as straightforward as possible for customers and putting unnecessary obstacles in the way simply won’t help sales.

On this, we spoke to Liquid Bubble who said: “Having users sign in to create an account before making a transaction on your site is a great way to gather useful information on your customers, but it could ultimately be your downfall.”

“If you offer a guest checkout option, you will be losing out on some useful data on your customers, but you will also be gaining more sales and it’s highly advisable that you make that sacrifice.”

Offer several payment options

Because e-commerce marketing is full of obstacles, it’s in your best interests to have more than a few payment options for your customers so that you minimise the risk of lack of payment options being a reason for cart abandonment.

It goes without saying that you should have credit card payment options on your website, but with the rise in popularity of payment methods increasingly being used by a widespread demographic such as Google Wallet, you’re going to need to try to satisfy a wide range of customers.

Be upfront about all costs

Having hidden costs, fees, and surcharges which only appear to customers at checkout is a surefire way to increase cart abandonment. To get around this, ensure that you’re upfront about all costs - especially postage and packaging - from the very beginning.

Although shipping costs are unpopular with customers, they are also wholly necessary but it’s all about how you present them. Here, transparency is key and, right from the off, you should inform your customers of exactly how much the shipping options cost and exactly how long the goods are likely to take to arrive.

Ensure that saving a cart is easy

One of the benefits of online shopping (at least for customers) is that you can fill your cart, leave the website for a few days, and come back to the same cart in progress - as long as saving the cart is an easy option.

To ensure that those visitors do come back to their cart to complete the transaction, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to be able to save their cart. Ensure that the save the cart option is clear, visible, and can be completed in one click.