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Web Design in Thailand

There is an ever increasing global village that is becoming smaller and smaller thanks to the advent of the internet. As more of the population of the world gets online, it is absolutely vital to have your business online. You need a website and social media presence. Developing economies such as Thailand, in the past few years have started to use the internet more and more. In 2011 the number of users online in Thailand was about 23% of the total population.

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4 Reasons To Choose a Local Web Designer For Your Business Website

Starting a new business website can be a daunting task. It is important to get it right from the very start. When starting the most important factor is to choose the right web design agency. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose a local web designer.

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A Quick Guide to Reducing Cart Abandonment on Your e-Commerce Store

Shopping in-store and shopping online are two completely different ball games. You wouldn’t go to the supermarket, fill up your trolley, get distracted by a video or advert and then walk out of the shop, leaving your full trolley behind.

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How to Make Your Smartphone Smarter

When using the smartphone, it's not a bad idea to take advantage of all the features and apps available to you to make your life a little bit easier. So here we would like to present some methods to help you to make most of your smartphone. We will share the top 10 gadgets which will make your smartphone more better and smarter. So are you ready to know the list?

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With the rising competition and our expansion to selling web hosting as well meant we now needed to start ranking high in Google. This is an account of our Journey to move from the graveyard to page 1 of google, the challenges we faced and the lessons we learnt.

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How to Start a Wordpress Blog in 2018

There are 2 main options when it comes to building a WordPress blog or website, you either higher a web designer/ developer, agency or you build it yourself. If you are ready for a bit of work and dedication you can easily build your own WordPress website. In this article we cover how to start a wordpress blog and what's the cost.

If you want to know how much it costs, the simple answer is it depends. It can be an annoying answer but that is the truth. Depending on your individual requirements, depending on the products and services you choose, depending on the functionality you choose. In this article we look at how much you can expect to shell out and we will help you make well-informed choices to get the best value for your buck! Here are the major things that you require to build a wordpress blog or a website and their costs.

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Choosing a Web Host in Kenya

Choosing a web host for your website is a crucial undertaking. Web hosting is precisely a place where you will store your website. In other words, it is a place where you keep computer files for instance videos, documents, images as well as HTML among others. There are companies that rent out computer or servers to enable you store your website plus they offer internet connection giving access of files on your website to other computers. Such a company is known as “web host”

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Successful Web Design in Kenya

It’s 2012 and everyone with little I.T knowledge now calls themselves a web designer. The fiber optic cable has just arrived in Kenya and the internet penetration has increased significantly as businesses rush to get their fair share of web presence.

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How a New Web Design will Help your Kenyan Company

As a web designer in Kenya, one of the most competitive countries to do business in, there are often times where I wish we did not have so much market saturation and competition to deal with. Competition is fierce here as we have mentioned before in out previous post (The Rise of Web Design in Kenya). The very moment you start to think you have something better than everyone else competition starts to creep up and you start to loose market share. Whatever kind of business you own, when it comes to advertising, online marketing is one of the best ways to help people find you and your products. With the internet penetration rising in Kenya, it will be that most people will turn to the web to find what they are looking for. A Professional website cannot be emphasized enough.

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How to Choose a Kenyan Web Design Company

Websites can be one of the best marketing tools for a business, yet in the event that you go down the path that is not a decent match for your motivation and spending it can be a costly and tedious bad dream. We have assembled this wonderful aide of what you should know before picking a web design organization.

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How to Hack a Gmail Account

Consistently there are numerous individuals that are seeking and attempting to discover how to hack a Gmail account. As I'm certain you know this is Google's free email arrangement that is combined with other free administrations like Google Docs and Google Drive. What's more, as we would all anticipate from a Google administration, it is extraordinarily secure. Actually, to even setup a record, there are a few confirmation steps intended to weed out bots, fake records, and programmers. Not just do you have to connect another email record to Gmail, however you likewise need to utilize phone confirmation to distinguish yourself before your record is enacted.

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